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PERCEPTION AND REALITY: Measuring the digital skill gaps in Europe, India and Singapore

How do you measure digital skills? How do you work out whether a candidate for a job has the skills and competences that they will need to do the work?

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Dora, the high-tech mobile learning centre was purchased from Alexandra, where it had operated as a school bus since 1985. Dora was reinvented as a mobile digital learning centre in 2011 after the Christchurch earthquakes, to support the ‘Stepping Up’ classes in Christchurch.

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Digital Skills in the Public Sector

We often discuss the importance of digital skills in the workplace on this blog, but what do digital skills mean in different types of workplace? In businesses and commercially-focused organisations, there is an understandable desire to improve productivity and efficiency

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Digital Skills Need to be Addressed in the Classroom

It is no surprise that computers are vital to daily life, and so it is also no surprise that digital skills are essential for everyone. Skills, like working collaboratively online, or being able to safely and effectively use a web browser and tools like email and search engines, might seem simple, but they can unlock many possibilities. These digital skills are also important in schools. Learning to read and write is a process of learning foundational skills that will be needed every day, for the rest of your life; digital skills are little different.

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Perception and Reality: Measuring Digital Skills

If I asked you to rate your skills with word processing software on a scale of 1 to 10, then it is pretty likely that you would rate your skills quite highly, maybe an 8 or a 9. But what is that score based on?

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First International digital skills ICDL certification process at the University of Panama

ICDL Americas is working with the Faculty of Computing Science, Electronics and Communication of the University of Panama on the first international digital skills ICDL certification process in this country.

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Digital Skills are the Key to Staying Safe Online

Online safety has a lot in common with staying safe in other aspects of our lives. When children learn to cross the street for example, they develop the experience and judgement to use their skills to know when it is safe to cross.


Digital Ignorance Costs Thousands of Euros per Employee Each Year

It’s no surprise that there is a cost associated with having a poorly skilled workforce, and it is certainly true that businesses and organisations face a real danger from the digital skills gap.